Guest Information Guide

Our Guest

Guests are everyone who comes through the doors of Al- Ahli Hospital, family and friends of our Guest and our fellow co-workers. At Al-Ahli Hospital, we are committed to our Guests to enable the delivery of personalized and consistent service experiences.

Our Team

All of us wear an identification badge that indicates that we are the team of Al- Ahli Hospital. You should feel free to know the names of any of your caregivers.

Medical Team

Our team comprises of highly qualified Consultants, Specialists, Physicians, Nurses and Lab technicians who will give you individual care. We work closely with our Guests and their family.

Our Nursing team

Welcome to the dynamic, guest-centered world of Al-Ahli Nursing. Our multicultural team brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience to our ever expanding department. Our focus is on providing excellent care, education, health promotion and prevention to our guests and family members.

Operation's Team

Operations department performs wide range of tasks, which vary considerably in application and scope. The Operations Department is responsible for the following Departments:
Support Services, Engineering, Bio Medical Engineering and Catering.

Support Services

Include services as: Housekeeping; Pantry (Food Service); Laundry; Security; Gardens; Porters, Security Guards & Childcare center.

Housekeeping provides full support for our In-house Guests. Cleaning of the room is done daily starting 8:30 am as well as upon Guest request. Upon admission we provide bathroom amenities to all Guests such as: shaving kit, dental, shower gel, shampoo, lotion, nail file, loofa, soap, shoe polish and slippers.

Our pantries are located in any each Ward area. Food and beverage service to our Guests are done by professional Food Attendants working 24hours daily. Laundry services are provided daily.

We also offer a full service dining room open from 6 am to 10 pm located on the ground floor and a 24 hour in room dining service. Included in each guest room is a mini bar stocked with a variety of beverages, a safe deposit box, Koran, Koran Stand, prayer mat, delivery of daily newspapers, and in room coffee and tea service. There is also a mosque on the hospital grounds within walking distance.

Meal Times:

Meals are served at following times:

·         Breakfast- 6:30 A.M onwards
·         Lunch- 11:30 A.M onwards
·         Dinner- 5:30 P.M onwards
Breakfast, lunch and an evening meal are provided and you'll be asked to make your selection from our daily menu which is being given daily to our in-house guests. There's a wide choice of foods to accommodate all needs and dietary requirements. You can call the cafeteria if you want any drinks but you have to take the approval of the doctor before eating anything.


Is done 5 times a day:
·         3 times at Morning   -  Starts at 8:00A.M - 8:30AM
·         2 times at Night       -  Starts at 7:00P.M
·         Upon request
Guest can also request for other general cleaning or if they don't want to be disturbed, we put don't disturb sign.

Car parking

You can park your car in the front parking area of the hospital or in the basement parking of B Block. We have Valet parking for our Guest and bell/porter services for transporting their luggage from main entrance to room.


Whether you need a full meal or a light snack, our cafeteria offers you a moment's respite for you and your family. Our cafeteria is located on the ground floor of the hospital.

Your stay in the hospital

It is our aim to make your stay as short and as comfortable as possible. All admissions to the hospital, (elective or direct) are coordinated through the Admission Department.

Admitting Guest


You will normally receive a notification of admission either by phone or by writing stating the date and time at which you should report to the hospital. Every effort is made to give you adequate notice of admission but sometimes this can be unavoidably short.

What to bring:

·         Bring your ID card
·         Insurance Card
·         Any medications if you are taking

Upon Arrival:

Please report to the Admission office at the time specified to avoid any delays.
·         All guests schedule to have surgery shall sign the package information form along with consent form before they are admitted.
·         If the form is not signed prior to admission day then it will be done at the time of actual admission day in presence of guest. The same applies for insurance declaration.
For any other concerns or inquiry regarding Admission and Billing of In-House guests kindly call the following numbers: 44898671, 44898659 or 44898562.

A Day with us

Doctors Round:

You'll be looked after by a team of doctors led by a consultant.
You'll have daily visits from at least one member of the team both in morning and afternoon. These visits aren't just for them to tell you things – this is an opportunity for you to tell them how you're feeling and ask any questions you may have.
Whenever a healthcare professional comes to see you during your stay, they should explain what they're doing or plan to do. If you do not understand what they've said please do not be afraid to ask them to explain.

Nurse Call system:

Usually, there are two/three shifts during the day and night in all In–House wards. Each shift receives "hand- over information" and the Nurses are updated on each guest with regards to specific care and needs required. Nurses will do rounds at regular intervals to provide nursing care and follows instructions as per your Doctor's orders. If you require any assistance from your bedside nurse, kindly press the call bell located next to your bed. You can also dial the Nurses' station directly from your suite for your convenience.

Safety and fire exit:

If you discover a fire:
·         Call for assistance and operate the nearest fire alarm.
·         Move away from the danger area and wait for further instructions from the ward staff.
On hearing the fire alarm:
·         If it is safe to do so, stay in your ward area and wait for instructions from the ward staff.
·         If you need to move away from danger, follow the fire exit signs, but stay on the ward until you are instructed to move.


We value your feedback. The Guest Relations Coordinators are there to deal with any of your concerns and you can fill in your comments in the feedback forms.

Visitation Policy:

Al-Ahli Hospital believes that family members and friends could help speed up our Guests' recovery and recuperation. Hence, we encourage visits from the family and friends of our distinguished In-House Guests.

However, to ensure total healing and comfortable stay, we kindly request visitors to abide by the following visitation policies:
·         To ensure safety and as an infection control measure, no children (from 0 – 12 years of age) shall be allowed to stay in the wards from 8:00 pm to 7:00 am.
·         All visits from 12:00mn to 7:00am shall be restricted to emergency cases only. All visitors during this period shall be requested to sign in and obtain a visitor's pass from the security guard at the Hospital's Main Entrance upon presentation of a written permission from the Head Nurse, Nursing Supervisor, attending Physician or Night Duty Officer. Accordingly, visitors are requested to sign-out before leaving the Hospital premises.
·         All inevitable special requests to visit our In-House Guests outside the specified visiting policies above shall be directed to the Head Nurse, Nursing House Supervisor, attending Physician or Night Duty Officer.

Guest Services Department

Is responsible for exceptional Guest service and satisfaction through the entire hospital. Services provided by Guest Service department are: full assistance with any Guest enquiries, arrangement of medical appointments, follows up with Guests, maintenance of proficient relationship by handling any questions and concerns in professional manners.

The professional team of Guest Services consists of Guest Service Manager, Supervisors, and team leaders, Bell Service, Valet Parking, Receptionist and In-House Guest Relation Coordinators. Bell Service is located on the ground floor next to the main entrance and provides full support to our Guests upon admission and discharge regarding carriage of luggage and personal belongings.

Appointment guidelines

·         It is advisable to make an appointment before visiting any clinic. You can call us from the following Telephone numbers: +974 44898888, +974 44898000, +974 44898434, +974 44898444.
·         We suggest that you call us 1 to 2 hours before reaching the Hospital just to advise us that you are on your way.
·         We suggest that you reach the Hospital 15 minutes before the appointment to complete all necessary paper work especially insurance documents.
·         If you wish to cancel or reschedule the appointment, please notify the receptionist at least 24 hrs before.
·         If you are more than 20 minutes late for an appointment, you will be considered as a Walk-in-Guest. This means that either you may have to wait until the doctor fits you in between appointments, or you can reschedule your appointment for another day.
·         If you are a Walk-in-Guest, you might have to wait until the doctor fits you in between Guest with appointments.
·         If you are a Walk-in-Guest you might not be able to consult the physician of your choice because he/she may be totally booked.
·         In case of an Emergency when the doctor has to leave the clinic, there can be some delay even for scheduled appointments.
·         We kindly seek your understanding and consideration that our staff will prioritize Guests on the basis of their medical condition. If your medical condition is considered urgent you may be seen immediately or referred to the Emergency Department for urgent care.
In case you have a question, concerns, or suggestions, please speak to the people providing your care or inform us via the "Questionnaire" allocated in all the reception areas. We truly value your kind feedback, for any other concerns regarding our "Guest Service" kindly contact our Guest Services Supervisors (+974 44898294 or +974 44898674).