CEO Message

 Al- Ahli Hospital is proud to provide outstanding healthcare services to Guests and families from a global community. Our goal is to give every Guest the best outcome and experience. Diversity, inclusion and cultural competence are critical to our mission. As we are committed to increasing the health awareness among the community. We believe that “love is the secret ". We provide a welcoming environment to our guests and caregivers, we strive to meet the needs of our guests, their families, and our team, and we encompass all the aspects of diversity at Al – Ahli that is a necessary component of our world-class care.


 I’m often asked what sets Al – Ahli Hospital Apart the answer is complex, involving our journey within these 11 years, our teamwork and our long-standing commitment to excellence. But put simply, we feel our people and their approach to guest care distinguish us - AL Ahli Hospital.


I've been privileged to serve this wonderful organization since 2013, but before I worked here, one of my previous colleagues told me all I needed to know about Al – Ahli Hospital mission and its team.


Devotion, love, and compassion are the keys to our success. I believe all Al - Ahli Hospital family members feel this way and it shows. You'll find that our team takes the time to listen and thoroughly understand your health issues and concerns. We are committed to providing the best care for each guest every day. We will continue to strengthen our commitment to diversity in this coming year. We have much to celebrate and many challenges as well. We look forward to your continuing support in our endeavors.

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