About Clinic

At Al Ahli Neurosurgery department, we have assembled a leading consultant of neurosurgery and spinal surgeons, the neurosurgery team work in collaboration with other departments each with specific and complimentary areas of expertise. Our multidisciplinary team assembles a diverse experience of training, skills and experience, and draws these together in a cohesive and tailored fashion.


Brain and spinal problems are, by their essence, frequently complicated and often difficult to diagnose and manage. In addition, the best overall treatment of these problems often involves many different components. For these reasons we believe that brain, spine and pain-related conditions are best assessed in a comprehensive and sophisticated way, and treated in a very individualized manner.

We strive to bring together the best science, research, and technology, and use them to formulate and deliver a treatment plan often composed of many different elements. We do this to maximize the chance of a successful outcome and to minimize uncertainty.

Our specialists include neurosurgeons and spinal surgeons, who work together with our Anesthesiologists exercise Physiologists, psychologists and psychiatrists and physiotherapists. Our specialist’s backgrounds may be different, but they share a strong passion and dedication for the wellbeing of their Guests.

In the first instance we try to avoid spinal surgery wherever possible. But if our specialist neurosurgeons and spinal surgeons believe that surgery is the best option for you, then rest assured you will be in excellent hands.

Whilst our approach is sometimes complex, our philosophy is simple: to deliver the best results with the least risk.

If you do need brain or spinal surgery, you can be confident that we will give you expert advice and treatment. Our surgeon is world-class specialist who use considered judgement, refined surgical techniques and state of the art technology to give you the best chance of an optimal outcome.