About Clinic

"Together Toward Quality Life"

The Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine (PRM) Department is proud to offer consultant led quality services for the diagnosis and management of pain and disability.

The PRM consultant and the physiotherapists combine their expertise and knowledge in an interdisciplinary approach to provide detailed assessment and tailored treatment plans for Al Ahli hospital guests. Furthermore, robust links exist with all other hospital departments to facilitate multidisciplinary care as justified.

The department is equipped with a PRM clinic, temperature controlled hydrotherapy pool, whirlpools, variety of electrotherapy and adjuvant treatment modalities, pediatric rehabilitation room, and a well-equipped exercise gym.

We appreciate the degree of suffering of patients with pain and disability. We recognize the immeasurable value of physical well being in all facets of life. We also advocate that the maintenance of one's physical health contributes significantly to one's psychological well being. We will do everything in our power to help you to overcome your condition and to achieve optimum recovery and the best possible quality of life.

We believe in a relationship based upon mutual respect and communication. We will make every effort to explain our impressions and suggestions to you. We also expect you to play an active role in your own care. We need your input, feedback, complaints, and suggestions to help us to continuously improve the service.