Message From CEO

Our Guests Are Priority!

Al-Ahli Hospital is committed to providing the best health services which are in conformity with the international standards of quality at the levels of the facility as a whole and at the level of the medical, nursing and operational staff. The quality of the services rendered in our medical institution is a competitive advantage for us in the health sector, and is relied upon for continued success.

In Al-Ahli Hospital, we believe that providing the highest levels of comfort for our guests in a five-star hotel Set-up is the peak of excellence. With the support of members of Board of Directors of Al-Ahli Hospital, we managed to set strategic goals to provide multiple health care services under one roof which brings together world-class medical staff in terms of their qualifications, competence and experience.

In order to maintain our excellence and to maintain the highest quality standards in providing health care in the private health sector, we have an increased passion to pursue continuous development via expanding our work, acquiring the best medical devices, as well as diagnostic and treatment technologies. In addition, we pursue transforming the hospital into a coherent and integrated electronic system to facilitate developing curative plans for Guests.

In this health system, we are primarily keen to create a safe and healthy environment by applying the highest international quality standards of health safety. Health care in Al-Ahli Hospital witnesses continuous changes to meet new challenges. Thus, it took advanced steps for which it received international accreditation certificates from the Australian Council On Healthcare Standards.

Out of our interest in education, which is the cornerstone of any continuous development process, Al-Ahli Hospital was keen to sign memoranda of understanding and training cagrements with local and international universities, such as Qatar University and Weill Cornell College. We further provided educational medical conferences and educational workshops for our medical staff. This contributed to transforming Al-Ahli Hospital into a center for continuous education and development which grants doctors points to renew their licenses to practice medicine, and provides an opportunity for exchange of experiences and for keeping abreast of the scientific and technological development in the medical world.

In conclusion, we affirm our commitment to hard work, good planning, implementation and development, which stems from our ambition that Al-Ahli Hospital manages to position itself as a pioneer health care service provider, not only at the local level, but also at the regional level.

CEO of Al-Ahli Hospital

Khaled Al-Emadi