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Message From CEO

On Love
The ultimate Mystery of being, the ultimate Truth, is love-all encompassing Love. This is the essential structure of reality. When Dante spoke of the "love which moves the sun and the stars", he was not using a metaphor; he was describing the nature of reality.
Love has been recognized in the teaching engraved on the Sphinx:"Love is the Secret of Life'; and again at the doorway of the great rock near Deir, Petraea:"The Touch of Life is fed by the oil of love." Victor Hugo's parting advice to his grandson was:"Love, seek for love-love makes better man. You must love, my son, love well-all your life."
If you want magic to come into your life, just throw away your old attitudes and beliefs. Throw them overboard at once. Love is an all-important law of human miracles. See no different between ant and angel. Look at the ocean and not the wave. We are all part of the same.
This spirit of all-embracing love is the outcome of the understanding that all living and non-living things, from man down to earthworm and stones, are subject to the same laws and conditions of existence.
There is in ‘Being’ an infinite desire to give itself in love and this gift of self in love is forever answered by a return of love. Love giving itself, losing itself and finding itself in love, and love returning to itself, giving itself back in love-this is the eternal pattern of the universe.
This is the coming of every creature into being, this response to drawing of love. At the same time it is being continually drawn to give itself in love, to surrender to the attraction of love, and so the rhythm of the universe (one melody) is created.
The electrons, as they circle around the nucleus of an atom, are all held by the attraction of love. The sun and its circling planets are held by the same attraction. It is the same with sexual love. The male is drawn to give himself in love to the female, and the female is drawn to give herself back in love the male. There is a continual dance of love, a continual going and returning. Ultimately it is the one Love giving itself continually so as to create this form and that form, building up the universe of stars and atoms and living cells and then drawing everything back to itself; everything coming into being in the Divine.
What is love?
It is the deep urge to be one with the whole, the deep urge to dissolve I and all existence into one unity. Love is that because we are separated from our own source; out of that separation the desire to fall back into the whole, to become one with it. If you pull a tree out of its soil, if you uproot it, then the tree will feel a great desire to be rooted back into the soil, because that was its real life. Now it is dying. Separate, the tree cannot exist. It has to exist in the earth, with the earth, through the earth. That’s what love is.
Your ego has become the barrier between you and your earth-the whole. Man is suffocated, he cannot breathe, and he has lost his roots. He is no longer nourished. Love is a desire for nourishment; Love is getting roots in existence.
Now this has to be understood: you can be rooted in the whole only if you melt yourself in the whole. Love then becomes your royal path to Enlightenment (Nirvana). Beyond our physical and mental being, we have to discover our spiritual being, our eternal ground, and there the mystery of love is fulfilled. Love’s main ingredient is giving. Give up yourself with sincerity and deep feeling, Gurdjiff used to say, “All that I gave is still with me, and all that I hoarded is lost, and all I gave is mine.” True, you have only what you have shared. Love is not a property to be hoarded; it is radiance, a fragrance to be shared. Whatever beautiful is with you, never hoard it. Share your wisdom, your prayer, share, your love, your happiness, your delight. Yes, if you cannot find anybody, share it with animals or plants or rocks but share.
People give very reluctantly; if ever they give, they give only to get. It is a business. Love is not a business. Existence knows nothing of business. Tree bloom, it is not a business; the stars shine, it is not a business and you don’t have to pay for it, and nobody demands anything from you. A bird comes and sits at your door and sings a song, a rose gives its fragrance to you without any desire for any in return. The whole universe simply shares. So let your love be your state of fragrance of being. Even if you touch a stone, your hand is showering love-it does not matter to whom. The loving state is unaddressed.
This is so-called that prosaic love is dull, but it is no longer when you are in love with life. You are a spirit on a sparkling star. The commonplace becomes beautiful, and the beautiful a thousand times lovelier.
We should overflow with love, embracing the low and the high, the ugly and the beautiful, the sinful and virtuous alike, and unless you perfect yourself and attain this right attitude, all attempts are lacking or fruitless.
Love is a very fragile flower. It has to be protected, strengthened and watered; only then it becomes strong. Love grows only in love.
Man’s heart is a musical instrument. It is asleep but it is here, waiting for the right moment to struck, to be expressed, to be sung, to be danced. And it is through love that the moment arrives. A person without love will never know what music he/she has been carrying within his/her heart. It is only through that, that music starts becoming alive, awakened, from potential starts becoming an actuality.
Love triggers the process, love is the catalytic agent. And if love does not trigger the process of your inner music, it is not love. The criteria by which to know is: if your inner music starts flowing then there is love. Suddenly you feel yourself in deep harmony. You are no more a discord, you become an accord. You are no more a chaos, you become a cosmos, and life starts taking on a new quality, the quality of jubilation, the quality of hallelujah!

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)