Our well-recognized experienced anesthesiologists provide their service in order to optimize care for the guest during the perioperative period which includes:

  • Preoperative evaluation of the guest if further investigations are needed.
  • Discussion type of anesthesia as required for the guest.
  • Discussion type and method of postoperative pain relief, for post operative pain, there is streaming anesthesia monitored and controlled the guest himself for optimum performance.
  • Provide intraoperative anesthesia with the state-of-the-art monitors.
  • Monitoring guest in post anesthesia care unit for required time and provide especial services to allow guest’s relatives to visit guest in the unit of the post anesthesia care.
  • Anesthesia department provide excellent services for PAIN FREE DELIVERY by doing Epidural Analgesia during delivery period.
  • Anesthesia department is also involved with the surgical/medical intensive care unit in serving the guest’s special care needs,  this unit is very well equipped with up-to-date monitors and equipment.