Dr. Sami Krimly
Dentist - Specialist in Prosthodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry In-charge

Dr. Mohamad Ghadir Taraben .Msc
Consultant Oral Surgeon & Implant/Dentist

Dr. Talal Rane
Consultant Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Rabab Maziad Jaber
Specialist InFixed and Removable Prosthetic Dentistry

Dr. Zahra Kabbani
Specialist Pedodontist

Dr. Reem Adnan Al-Kilani
General Practitioner Dentist (Oral and Dental Surgeon)

Dr. Hareth Imad Mohammed Al-Kateb
G.P. Dentist privileged for Root Canal Treatment & Re Treatment from the Supreme Council of Health – Qatar

Dr. Smitha Bhagavathi Kandi
General Practitioner Dentist (Dental Surgeon)

Dr. Rania Mahmoud Farajallah
Genral Practitioner Dentist

Dr. Mohammed Mahmoud Issa
General Practitioner Dentist