About Clinic

"Live the sound of life…The sound is now yours"

Hearing Unit:

Our new Audiology Unit provides comprehensive hearing evaluation for the management of different hearing disorders in all ages. We blend highly specialized services including the latest treatment for tinnitus and sudden hearing loss. We have well equipped Unit for Newborn Hearing Assessment. Our audiolgical evaluation will extend to include children with Delayed Speech Development and selection of appropriate management.

Our specialized clinic take the most recent advanced technology in Hearing Aids and cochlear Implants , supporting the patient with complete rehabilitative program.

Balance Unit::

The balance Unit can provide very unique medical services for the dizzy patient. Complete evaluation for guests with balance disorder starting from history taking up to the sophisticated diagnostic techniques to reach the best diagnostic decision for the dizzy patient. Accurate diagnosis give the chance to select to select the most appropriate treatment strategy.

The follow-up of these dizzy patient is our main concern point in the course of treatment . We assured our guests that their disorder

Disorder will be relieved through wide range of modulated medical and rehabilitative treatment guidelines.

Our vision is to provide superior personal and compassionate care for the guests to improve hearing, balance and quality of life.