Al-Ahli Hospital to hold Blood Donation Drive

Members of the public invited to participate in this drive
Al-Ahli Hospital, in cooperation with Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Blood Donor Unit, will hold a Blood Donation Drive from 8am until 12pm on 14 March 2011 (Monday) in the Al-Ahli Hospital parking area.  Members of the public are invited to participate along with Al-Ahli Hospital staff members.
Mr. Abdulwahed Abdulla Al-Mawlawi, Managing Director and CEO of Medicare Group and Al-Ahli Hospital said, “We at Al-Ahli Hospital promote the philosophy of LOVE and is there a more gracious way than donating your blood to a person in need?  By donating blood, you are potentially helping to save lives and such a selfless act is indeed commendable”.
Dr. Abdul Azim Hussain, Medical Director of Al-Ahli Hospital stated, “Unfortunately, people are often only made aware of the importance of blood donation when there is a necessity within their family for an emergency transfusion.  As a Surgeon, I cannot stress enough the vital role that the public plays when they donate blood.”
Dr. Mohammad El-Ahmadi, Director of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine for Al-Ahli Hospital stated, “This Blood Donation campaign is part of the essential role the Hospital plays in serving the local community and its needs.  The benefits of blood donation not only help the recipients, but also the donors who can be assured of health benefits."
Interested individuals are requested to pre-register with Ms. Joanne Rico, Business Development and Marketing Department, Al-Ahli Hospital on 44898797 or email

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