Al-Ahli sets up clinic at Darb El Saai

Al Ahli sets up clinic at Darb El Saai

Keeping its tradition of serving the country and nation alive, Al Ahli Hospital has set up a first-aid clinic at Darb El Saai to provide not only emergency treatment to visitors or staff of the exhibition but also disseminating healthy lifestyle information among people.
Since December 8 - Darb El Saai's opening day - Al Ahli clinic has given first aid treatment to as many as 200 people. "Our doors are open to all either they are visitors or the workers doing their jobs at the exhibition," says Dr Mounir Dakhlia, who works at Al Ahli Hospital's Emergency Department.
Apart from the people needing any kind of emergency treatment or first aid, schoolchildren are also visiting Al Ahli's enclosure at Darb El Saai. "We teach them hand hygiene and provide them information as per their age group on other topics related to healthy eating and lifestyle," said the doctor.
Dr Dakhlia said that the clinic was also providing medical check-ups of vital signs as well. "Some people want to get their blood sugar or blood pressure checked and we offer the service," he said, adding that Al-Ahli Hospital staffers did not know the word 'No' as they always felt proud in serving the sick. If any person needs more medical attention or advanced tests, ambulance service is also provided to them as the clinic is working in close coordination with Lakhwiya and HMC.
Al Ahli clinic also distributes gifts among children and to enhance people's knowledge on health issues, some other awareness material is also being distributed. "All these services we are providing here are for free and we feel proud over our contribution to the National Day related activities," Dakhlia added. Al Ahli clinic at Darb El Saai is also organising workshops for people of all age groups in which they get basic first-aid training.
Samaher Ahmed, Public Relations Officer of Al Ahli Hospital told The Peninsula that the hospital was establishing the first aid clinic for the last three years. "Our public service activities in the field of health awareness continue throughout the year and we mark each and every day fixed by World Health Organization (WHO) with complete sense of responsibility," she added.
To perform its social responsibility, she said, Al Ahli Hospital had launched a medical programme "Maa Al Hakim" on Al Jazeera Mubasher satellite channel with once-a-week periodicity. She said that the programme aimed at enhancing public awareness about various health issues in a practical and interactive manner. "In this TV programme, the doctors of Al Ahli Hospital address certain topics of interest and respond to inquiries and comments of viewers live," she added.
When asked to rate Al Ahli Hospital among other private health establishments of the country, Samaher said: "We believe not in comparisons but in a firm commitment to follow our vision and implement the five-year strategy we have designed for our hospital." She added that Al Ahli Hospital believed in treating its staff like a family.

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