Social Responsibility Blood Donation Drive

Al- Ahli Hospital hosted blood donation drive

Al-Ahli Hospital, in cooperation with Hamad Medical Corporation's (HMC) Blood Donor Unit, was holding a Blood Donation Drive on Sunday, 1st of Jan 2017, from 9am to 3pm.

That contribution came as part of the company's commitment towards Qatar's community and in line with its corporate social responsibility initiatives with the aim to extend support to those in need and to spread awareness about the importance of donating blood to boost national blood reserves needed by hospitals and emergency trauma centers across Qatar.

"Many of us celebrate this time of year with loved ones, but patients may spend the holidays and ring in the new year from a hospital room," said Mr. Khalid Al-Emadi the Chief Executive Officer, Medicare "Blood and platelet donors can bring joy to patients and their families by giving blood or platelets to help ensure patients receive the lifesaving treatments they need."

"Some people need a good wake-up call on the day of the blood drive if they can't prioritize what's really important to do, " said Mr. Jamal Saleh Hammad the Deputy CEO & Director of Projects, Medicare "Just do it! You never know when it might be a relative or a dear friend who is the one in need. By donating blood with the HMC, you can help ensure blood is available when someone you know needs it."

Dr. Abdul Azim Abdul Wahab the chief of medical Staff explained, that each component can be used by different recipients for various purposes. Many newborn babies may benefit from a single blood donor as their blood requirements are smaller. Every time you donate blood, you can help up to 3 or 4 individual recipients. Be a hero by donating blood.

In Order to donate blood the donor must be in a good health. Before every blood donation process, a series of health check-ups are performed on the donor totally free of cost. This will be of great benefit to you. For example, you will come to know of any blood pressure abnormalities. That will help diagnose some of the indolent diseases at the early stage before they get flared up and present with multiple medical problems. Further, after the blood is donated, the blood and blood products that are derived from them are screened for certain infections. You can choose to be informed if they find any abnormality in those screening tests. Frequent blood donations are good free health check-ups that will help you stay healthy, reduces risk of heart disease & reduces the risk of cancer, Dr. Abdul Azim Said.

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