Nursing Practise and Specialities

Nursing at Al-Ahli Hospital offers a wide variety of opportunities for nurses to begin and further their careers in a range of specialties.

At every level of Al-Ahli Hospital, we encourage leadership and teamwork in tune with nurses and nursing issues, in order to ensure the professionalism and provision of the best quality of services to our valuable guests. With a strong emphasis on Knowledge and the application of international quality measures for nursing care, we thrive on input from clinical and academic experts, and encourage nurses to influence guest outcomes and enhance their nursing skills in everyday practice.


Our outstanding Cardiac nurses work with technologies and resources on the leading edge of medicine. As a cardiology nurse at Al-Ahli Hospital   you’ll enjoy a fast-paced and invigorating environment where collaboration really does drive groundbreaking work. Join us and see how satisfying being a part of this team can be.

CATH-LAB (Cardiac Catheterization)

Our cardiology Nurses’ vision is to improve the experience and outcomes for our guests who have been diagnosed with heart disease, ensuring that they are supported to return to a full and active life through lifestyle intervention clinics and comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation.


Nursing staffs on the Unit are specialist in critical care skills in the care and management of guests who may also require advanced modes of ventilation.  The combination of the finest equipment and the high nursing standard in this unit gives an outstanding level of care to acutely ill.   

CTVS (Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery)/Cardiac Surgery

Nursing service in this unit supports high dependency areas to ensure their guests remain in the department and receive the best quality care.  

Operating theater

Happier, more motivated staff, improved guest care and greater efficiency – these are the aims of ‘The Productive Operating Theatre’. Overall, the program is designed to deliver a better hospital experience for guests by optimizing team working among staff, raising standards of care and reducing operational delays.

Urology/ Lithotripsy

The Al-Ahli Hospital urology service is provided by a team of experienced urologists and nurses. The establishment of the Urology unit aims to further enhance the standard of care and to provide the state-of-art facility and expertise to maximize comfort and convenience to the guest.

Female medical/surgical/male medical/surgical

The goals of the medical surgical unit staff are to provide efficient, quality, individualized and comprehensive nursing care to all guests. Professionalism, caring, flexibility, and a commitment to continuous improvement are key qualities of our nursing staff.  

OB/GYN (Obstetrics & Gynecology)

Nursing staffs aim is to ensure that women have access to appropriate, high quality, accessible information and support throughout their stay with us.


The well-baby unit / Nursery provides routine nursing care to healthy newborns and it is the best place to chose to leave your babies when you want to relax, enjoy yourself with your visitors around you for your babies are in safe hands. The service of our nurses is integrated to ensure your babies receive the appropriate nourishment.

These units are covered 24-hours round the clock with well-qualified nurses and physicians to ensure high quality health care service.


The neonatal intensive care unit is staffed with outstanding professional nurses who are expert, highly trained and very much committed to quality nursing care of newborns needing special needs.


Pediatric nurses are compassionate medical professionals who work with other professionals, specialists and pediatricians. It is their passion to administer the best care possible to the young child.


The IVF nurses in the unit aims to provide the highest level of guest care in a safe and friendly environment, with the support of eminent medical research leading to further advancement in clinical outcomes for the benefit of our guests. 


The Radiology Nurse promotes the highest quality guest care in the diagnostic and therapeutic imaging environments. She also provides the physical, mental, and emotional needs of the guest who is undergoing tests or treatment in a radiology department.  

I&D (Labor & Delivery)

The Nursing staff aims to give the highest standard of care, respecting the individual needs of each guest and their relatives. We will strive to create a pleasant caring environment whilst in hospital and plan with each individual a smooth and safe discharge from hospital care.


This department is fully operational 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. It is equipped and staffed by highly trained qualified nurse. Full resuscitation and emergency procedures are carried out when required.  


Nurses have formed an integral and essential part of the gastrointestinal team assisting in all gastrointestinal technical procedures.  

Walk-in Guests Departments

These clinics are always busy and emergency guests are given priority. Nurses are very accommodating, assisting everybody cheerfully and with respect. Every effort is made to reduce the amount of time which guest may have to wait to see Specialists/Consultants.

Internal Medicine/ Family Medicine

The quality teamwork in these areas has brought quality care, increase in guest safety, greater guest satisfaction leading to more productivity.  


Cooperation, personal values, and self-regulation along with the development of a professional image and a willing commitment are the goals of the neurology nursing staffs. 


The mission of the Psychiatric Nurses at Al-Ahli Hospital is to maximize the potential of every guest through the provision of comprehensive care.     


In the Department of Ophthalmology at Al-Ahli Hospital, we will provide premier eye care to all whom we serve. 


Our Dermatology nurses achieve excellence by professional knowledge development, proficient nursing skill attainment, and continuous pursuit of seeking evidence-based practice in dermatology through research findings and nursing theory.


Orthopedic nurses are challenging as the discipline demands physical stamina, patience, and the ability to adapt to guests of all ages. They are empathetic and caring, yet firm when necessary.  

Respiratory Therapy

Our Respiratory therapists are armed with critical thinking skills, time management, and professionalism. They are ever ready to change to meet the changing demands of our guests.  

ENT (Ears, Nose & Throat)

Our professional staff operates as a team, and we take pride in each staff member's training and capabilities. We want you to have confidence in them and let them fully serve you.