About Clinic

"Leading the way to the truth…"

Our laboratory test spectrum ranges from hematology, serology, microbiology, clinical chemistry to molecular biology and surgical pathology. It applies leading-edge technology and computerization, leading to quick turnaround time at appropriate prices, and is supported by British Quality Assurance and Quality Control, ensuring reliability and confidence of results.
Our professional staff is committed to providing high quality, efficient, reliable service, and meaningful interpretation of test results. Our service commitment is backed by staff of qualified technologists who receive ongoing training and continuous medical education.
Al-Ahli hospital laboratory appreciates itself on its rapid turnaround time-with most routine results being issued within few hours of sample receipt, rapid results are important not only for patient peace of mind, but also for the physician to being planning the patient’s treatment as soon as possible.
We have introduced more than 50 test profiles to investigate different organ systems and diseases. Each profile includes group of related tests. Our aim is to aid in the diagnosis and screening for disease.

Meeting your diagnostic Clinical and Anatomical Pathology needs is an important objective for us. Please contact us for additional information regarding specific services or testing.

Laboratory Mission

Our mission is to promote professionalism, accountability with excellence in the delivery of laboratory services and to support the community of laboratory medicine as an integral part of the health care system. Al-Ahli Hospital laboratory believes in the synergy of knowledge and experience with group practice, team effort and good management standards, aspiring to achieve excellence in quality and service. Accordingly, it is one of Al-Ahli Hospital Laboratory main objectives to keep pace with medical technology developments and to assume a proactive role in laboratory knowledge.

Laboratory Vision

Our vision is to be the leader, standard setter, service provider and knowledge base. We are projecting to be the primary reference in the field of private laboratory medicine in Qatar and within the Gulf.