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Definition of Travel Medicine :

Travel medicine is the field of medicine concerned with the promotion of health and respect for the peoples, cultures and environment of regions being visited in addition to the prevention of disease or other adverse health outcomes in the international traveler as well as any impact on the health of the local population.

Overview :

In 2015, 1, 2 billion travelers worldwide crossed international boundaries, However, studies suggest only a small number of travelers seek pre-travel health advice

With the decreasing global boundaries and increasing activities, travel medicine has become a rapidly evolving field of medicine and has subsequently become a dynamic multidisciplinary specialty that encompasses aspects of Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Public Health, Tropical Medicine, Wilderness Medicine, Psychiatry, Gynecology and appropriate immunization.

Travel Clinic Al-Ahli Hospital :

It was developed in response to the growing number of people making international trips. Travel medicine is concerned with the prevention and management of health problems associated with international travel. The role of a travel medicine practitioner is to provide the traveller with expert advice and preventative measures regarding specific health risks for their country of destination.

The Travel Doctor is committed to providing our guests with the specialized counselling and immunizations necessary for safe travel outside qatar.