About Clinic

“Towards Comfort and Well-being…”

Al-Ahli Hospital’s Urology Department addresses all urological disorders for both genders and all age groups. The Department also offers prostate biopsies and various endoscopic procedures as well as access to CT and MRI. Furthermore, our urologists manage sexual dysfunction and infertility issues.

The Urology Department runs a daily clinic and has round-the-clock access to the Operating Theatre. The Theatre is well-equipped with modern urology instruments and deals with all cases of urological surgery.

This Department provides prostate ultrasound scanning for prostate diseases, abnormal prostate specific antigen (PSA) reading and urodynamic services to the lower urinary tract to investigate urinary bladder disease in children and adults.

A state-of-the-art fourth generation lithotripsy machine that is the latest breakthrough in dealing with all types of stones in the urinary system with excellent results has been recently installed in the Department.

At the clinic we have:

  • Videourodynamics (Laborie Machine).
  • Urological and prostate ultrasound machine (B&K Machine) for ultrasound scanning and prostate biopsies.
  • Uroflowmetry Machine.

At Operating Theatre:

  • Swiss lithoclast Master to use ultrasound and pneumatic fragmentation of stones.
  • Holimium Yag Laser for use to fragment stones miniature equipment.
  • Complete set of key-hole surgery equipment.
  • Full set of Wolf urology equipment including the smallest flexible telescope to examine the kidney and remove stones through a laser fiber.